FESTIVAL IN PHOTOS: Hevy Festival 2015

Hevy Festival 2015 – my first time shooting a camping style festival, and i’d say it had its ups and downs. The ups being the fact I got to do what I love while listening to bands I have liked for years, whilst also discovering bands that i’ll probably start to obsess over in the near future. The downs, well, I’ll leave it at portaloos…

Without further ado, here’s a collection of photographs I took over the weekend.


Creeper – Second Stage, Friday


Hacktivist – Mainstage, Friday


Continents – Main Stage, Friday


Chon – Main Stage, Friday

Blood Youth Hevy4

Blood Youth – Second Stage, Saturday


Landscapes – Third Stage, Friday

Touché Amore6

Touché Amoré – Main Stage, Friday

Trash Boat12

Trash Boat – Main Stage, Saturday

Fort Hope14

Fort Hope – Main Stage, Saturday

Arcane Roots2

Arcane Roots – Main Stage, Saturday

As It Is15

As It Is – Main Stage, Saturday

As It Is20

As It Is – Main Stage, Saturday

Coheed and Cambria17

Coheed and Cambria – Main Stage, Friday


Fightstar – Second Stage, Friday


Thrice – Main Stage, Saturday

© Fay Cranham // Hevy Festival


© Fay Cranham // Hevy Festival

The Get Up Kids6

© Fay Cranham // Hevy Festival

 All photos by Fay Cranham ©

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