Allday – Magic

Australian rapper Allday has treated fans to the official video for Magic. Lifted from his recent mixtape, Soft Grunge Love Rap, the 3 minute visuals of Magic sees him in a trippy love story with a gorgeous blonde.

If an opening line of “I just wanna see your two nipples” isn’t enough to grab your attention, I don’t know what is, but Allday’s lyrics are delivered with a welcome dose of youthful arrogance, while also matched with a kind, boy-next-door personality – check out his Chubby Chronicles series for reference.

The 24 year old – real name Tom Gaynor – has certainly had a busy year. Driving off the success of his 2014 debut album Startup Cult, 2015 has seen the Australian get signed by Wind-Up Records the U.S., and play an uncountable amount of sold out shows and festivals.

Whilst I long for the day he brings his live show to London, Allday has somewhat ironically built up his own little cult on social media, where he’s certain to engage in heavy interaction with his fans. The nicest hip hop star in the game? We think so.

Grab Soft Grunge Love Rap for free here, and follow Allday on Twitter and Facebook ready for the re-release of Startup Cult in the coming months.

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