Troye Sivan – Wild

On the 3rd of September 2015, the music video for Troye Sivan’s single Wild was released and it’s about to change the music video world for the better. Last year Troye Sivan’s debut EP TRXYE blew up thanks to the singer songwriters humongous fanbase which he grew from his already established Youtube career.  All eyes were on the singer/actor/youtuber … multi talented 20 year old, nobody quite new what to expect but a year on he has more than proved that his presence is very much needed in the music industry.

Wild is the first in a trilogy titled Blue Neighbourhood, a project that Troye had wanted to work on for a long time. It just so happened that whilst penning tracks for the Wild EP, he accidentally wrote 3 songs that in chronological order; told a story that were perfect to use for this idea.

The new single opens with a chorus of children singing wild and in true Troye Sivan style the heavy beat and catchy pop synth track invites you in. Although the hard work is evident in the tight production and overall polished sound, it’s still Troye’s pure sounding vocals and his ability to evoke emotions that is always at the forefront. ‘Cause when you look like that, I’ve never ever wanted to be so bad oh and it drives me wild,’ can be interpreted a multitude of different ways, however after watching the live stream of the Wild party and hearing Troye’s explanation of the song I knew how important this EP was going to be. Speaking of Blue Neighbourhood Sivan said ‘There’s one story across all 3 videos and it’s about something that’s really really, I think, important to talk about.’ he went on to say of the Wild video ‘ One of the main goals was, I feel like gay relationships are always like really sexualised in the media and I wanted to show a really… just like cute, romantic relationship. There’s this one shot you guys should go back and watch it again, where the one boy reaches behind the other boy and fixes his hair. It was just the sweetest thing and I feel like that was what crushes felt like when I was a little kid before I ever realised that there was something – wrong – with that.’

So, why should you care about the music video for Wild ? I defy anybody to watch it and not feel a warmth over the innocence and normality of the puppy love portrayed in the story. Two young boys acting the parts of a younger Troye and his love interest in the video. Obviously best friends growing up, playfighting and discovering the world around them, the video throughout cuts to Troye who can be seen sitting on his boyfriend’s lap … he’s being cradled. At no point in this video is it anything but affectionate or sweet and an honest reflection of what a gay relationship is. Shot in Sydney, there are blue skies in most shots, sandy beaches and green leaves; apart from those of Troye himself which see’s him in a dark room. The overall feel of the video is one of vulnerability and that wonderful childhood naivety where everything is possible and nothing is wrong if it comes naturally to you.

The year is 2015, we celebrate gay pride and everything LGBT in a lot of countries (it should be all of them by now but we still have work to do) and yet somehow the music industry is still so many years behind. It has taken the last couple of years for, especially gay men, to use the pronouns that match their sexuality in their songs. More recently it has been Sam Smith along with Years and Years that have helped pave the way for fellow gay male artists to do this. Now Troye Sivan is doing the same and he’s doing it with his visuals, this should be normality to us … love is a beautiful and all inclusive experience that has so many different aspects, experiences and emotions regardless of sexuality, age or gender. One group of people are not restricted to one type of love and it should never be marketed to consumers in that way to try and grab our attention; it’s a lie.

If you want authenticity, the music video for Wild encapsulates everything that is true and real about gay relationships, young relationships and childhood crushes, the truth is … it’s just love.

Groundbreaking definition –  ‘It is very new and a ​big ​change from other things of ​its ​type.’

Wild is available to buy on iTunes now.