Jonny Craig @ Dingwalls, London

With the endless list of projects Jonny Craig has been involved with over the years (Emarosa, Dance Gavin Dance, Isles & Glaciers and current band Slaves), we sometimes forget that the 29 year old Dakota born musician also actually has a successful solo career under his belt.

Despite battling a drug addiction and various negative press in the past, Jonny Craig’s headline show at Camden’s Dingwalls was enough to prove he still has a solid, very loyal fanbase.

© Fay Cranham // Nelipott Music

© Fay Cranham // Nelipott Music

I’ve previously seen Jonny perform live with Emarosa and Dance Gavin Dance, so I was no stranger to his extremely diverse and incredible vocal range, but there’s something quite different about his solo performance. Jonny delivers so much soul and passion through songs about his life struggles. In the middle of his set, he is sure to thank “every single fucking person in this crowd” for helping him get clean and “put the needle down”. This is a speech I’m sure he’s given to a hundred crowds in the past, but you really do feel his honesty.

The one thing that was special about this night was there being no setlist, and Jonny has followed this theme through a lot of his shows. Playing different songs every night, meaning this particular show delivered an absolutely flawless cover of Craig David’s Walking Away. I must admit, I was slightly disappointed he didn’t throw in his Marvin’s Room cover, but a impromptu duet with support act Seafoal of Children of Divorce was enough to keep the disappointment at bay – absolutely stunning.

Best friend and main support Kyle Lucas was sure to up the tempo when the pair performed 4 tracks together, 2 during Kyle’s set and 2 during Jonny’s. The duo definitely work well together and their stage presence during The Party and the Dream and I Still Feel Her Part 5 created a contagious atmosphere in the crowd.

Making his way through a 50 minute set of new tracks and old favourites, Jonny of course closed the show on the massive I Still Feel Her Part 3, where everyone then swarmed the merch table to meet the man himself.

If you ever get the chance to see Jonny Craig live – especially solo – just take my word and do it.

Get Jonny Craig’s latest releases The Le Cube Sessions and The Blueprint for Going in Circles (with Kyle Lucas and Captain Midnite) on iTunes now, and be sure to keep an eye on Nelipott Music in the coming days for some exclusive photos from the show!

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