Charlie Costello – Inheritance Club

Never one to shy away from making his opinion known, especially when it involves politics; Charlie Costello released a new song this Saturday and it’s one we can all relate to.

Titled Inheritance Club, this new folk rock track is crammed with humorous sarcasm and patronising, but all too real observations that the majority of us are familiar with in some way or another.Written about the typical only child with the silver spoon, courtesy of privileged parents, ‘She told me, politics it bores me but my mum and dad vote Tory so I’ll probably tick the box and get it done.Inheritance Club will bring certain people to the forefront of your minds, people that you’ve probably rolled your eyes at before knowing they are so far removed from the world that exists outside of themselves that they have no real comprehension of how the country is run and hey! they don’t need to understand it because it doesn’t affect their wealth.

This new release from Charlie is a perfect balance of lightheartedness and cold reality, the upbeat melody coupled with the witty lyrics may result in you singing along without really analysing the message … a mere coincidence that the song about being oblivious in fact leads you to that very state? Furthermore, if you’re able to pull your mind away from the surface of the ode to the unemployed you might also find that there’s a clever message embedded in there about how easy it is to allow yourself to be distracted by what it is that you experience immediately, only when you look a bit deeper are you able to see the serious issues.

Explaining the motive behind the new track Charlie said ‘ It’s more about the fact that when unemployment rates get mentioned it’s always scally’s with their hands down the front of their trackies, not Daddies little princess’. ‘ Because for some strange reason we seem to accept unemployment when inherited money is concerned but not the unemployed actively seeking work.

You’re most likely to know Charlie from the band Big Sixes, however it isn’t the first time the singer songwriter has uploaded solo material. In the past there have been the songs Oh My Love, White Flag, a cover of Swim Good and more recently, you may have discovered his worldly come experimental composition made up of kitchen utensils.

In true Costello style, Inheritance Club was uploaded with a music video created by Charlie’s sister Alice that translates the lyrics perfectly in a steady flow of animation. In many ways, this is completely different to Charlie’s other solo ventures, in other ways it’s Charlie Costello down to a T but whatever it is he’s doing rest assured that it’s a creative statement.

Stream Inheritance Club here 

Download Inheritance Club here

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