Fresh off a UK tour supporting Jonny Craig, Nelipott Music caught up with 21 year old Siâna, better known under her stage name Seafoal, to talk about touring with Jonny, that Bring Me The Horizon cover that went somewhat viral, and her musical influences.


© Ellie Mitchell Photography

For readers that don’t know who Seafoal is, how would you introduce yourself?
Ambient pop/folk from a mouthy little twat with a heart of gold? I think that’s correct…

A lot of people may know you from your Bring Me The Horizon cover of ‘Drown‘ which currently has over a million views on YouTube and was even tweeted by the band themselves, how awesome was that?!
Oh my GOD, that was literally one of the most exciting moments of my entire life when I found out they’d posted it! It was ridiculous. I remember getting the notification one morning whilst I was still in my pyjamas eating Weetabix and I literally screamed. It’s always nice to know the band who’s song you’ve covered approves of your version, especially when they’re as big as Bring Me… Nah, it’s mental.

You released your EP, Lucid Living, last year – tell us a bit more about the tracks on that and how you put it all together?
The songs on Lucid Living are all just some tunes I’ve written in my bedroom, but not all in the same period of time – I wrote Talulah back in either 2010 or 2011, Soul Sick in 2012, and both Read It And Weep and Fading were written just at the end of 2013. I recorded the EP with a chap called Sean Harrison (he used to play for a great band called The Elijah) and we had two people work on the mixing, mastering and production of the EP, one including my brother Connor. It took a couple of months to get things perfect until it was finally released on the 24th of November, so it’s nearly a year old now which is mad! I’m going in the studio within the next month or so to record some new, different stuff with some fantastic people. It’ll be great to finally get some new tunes out.

You recently got off a UK tour with Jonny Craig – how did that come about and how were the shows?
Oh man, we had the best time on tour! I had originally just landed a slot at Ghostfest on the stage Jonny was headlining, but then my manager and I got talking and we thought we’d see if Jonny would like to have me as his opening support for his UK tour. Turns out he loved what he heard, and that was it, really! My brother Connor and I spent months practising as I had invited him with me to join me onstage as my second guitarist, and it was so worth all of the hard work when it finally came down to performing. The response we had was fantastic, people came up to us after our set and told us they loved it, asked where they could get the EP, bought t-shirts, even got a couple of photos which is always surreal when people ask. Apparently I’m gonna have to get used it, and I have zero complaints!


Siâna with Jonny Craig and Kyle Lucas // © Ellie Mitchell Photography

If you had to pinpoint a pivotal moment in your career so far, what would it be?
Oh that’s a hard one… It’s in between getting to play Ghostfest, or performing Children Of Divorce with Jonny and my brother onstage. Maybe something in future will bypass them as my pivotal moments if I’m incredibly lucky, who knows!

Who and what inspires you most to do what you do?
A very long list of musical influences – such as Imogen Heap, Fightstar, Ben Howard, Daughter – and strong women in the industry like Nicki Minaj, P!nk and Amanda Palmer have definitely inspired me to keep strong over the years, ‘cos they don’t give a fuck. And then there’s my bulletproof determination to keep going, to get where I wanna be. If I could make a living one day out of my passion that would be incredible cos I’m really not cut out for that 9 to 5 bullshit.

If you could create your dream festival line-up, who would the three headliners be?
Hans Zimmer, Imogen Heap and Johnny Cash… You think I’m kidding!

As the year is drawing to a close, what can we expect from Seafoal in 2016?
Lots of new music, lots of shows and lots of me getting really really excited about things!

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