Mallory Knox @ Roundhouse, London

Following a few months across the pond on Warped Tour, Mallory Knox returned to the UK and presented us with a homecoming tour, which finished on Friday at Roundhouse in London.


© Jade Warden // Nelipott Music

Before the band even walked on stage you could tell this was going to be a big show for the five piece band from Cambridge. The stage was covered with a screen which played a short film introducing the first song and prepared the crowd for what was to come.

As the screen dropped and the MK backdrop flashed, Shout To The Moon began. They only managed to play three songs before frontman Mikey had to stop and thank the crowd for their support and explain how mind blowing it was for them to be playing such a big venue.

Mallory Knox don’t mess around when it comes to performing live; they just get on with playing the songs and leave the talking inbetween to a minimum. The night went from strength to strength, with the band playing some of their biggest songs like Wake Up and Ghost In The Mirror as well as Glimmer, a bonus track on their newest album Asymmetry.

The set drew to a close with them playing Dare You – which I personally did think was a bad choice being as it isn’t one of the bands bigger songs, and by this point the crowd was quietening down – but they returned to the stage with an encore that over rides this doubt.

The three songs encore started with She Took Him To The Lake which sat well with the crowd and got them pumped for the final two songs. Oceans and Lighthouse were the obvious choices but were good ones, of course. The band left the Roundhouse stage on a high and a good way to end one of their biggest tours to date.

Review by Jade Warden