Mayday Parade – Black Lines

Let all fans of ‘Tales Told By Dead Friends’ rejoice, as Mayday Parade’s highly anticipated fifth studio album ‘Black Lines’ is host to an old sound unheard in their recent releases. The punk edge they had seemingly lost on their last album, ‘Monsters in the Closet’, has without a doubt returned.


The album kicks off with ‘One of Them Will Destroy the Other’, a tune which reminds every listener that Mayday Parade is not just another band ready to fall into the mainstream sound of the pop punk genre. The vocals stray far from the melodic and sweet tone often heard from vocalist Derek Sanders and a new, angrier sound emerges.

As the album develops further with songs like ‘Keep in Mind, Transmogrification Is a New Technology’ and ‘All on Me’, classic beats heard throughout punk music unfold and reflect a reawakening of music heard in the early 2000’s. The skill held by guitar players Brook Betts and Alex Garcia, which had played a backseat in their past few releases, finally comes to centre stage and is given space to flourish.

‘Black Lines’ feels like the raw, uncut version of its predecessors, with a harsher tone unheard since vocalist Jason Lancaster’s leave from the band in April of 2007. This roughness seems to be a defining characteristic for a newer, and better, Mayday Parade.

For all those looking for mosh pits and vocals that will without a doubt cause anyone singing them to loose their voice, the album will also be accompanied by a European tour starting in January 2016.

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Review by Sarah Rutledge