One Direction – Perfect

One Direction’s latest video has dropped, and it’s everything we wanted and more. In black & white the video is simple, yet perfect – no pun intended…

‘Perfect’ starts out with Louis in a hotel room serenading our hearts away, then on to Liam as he’s shown up close and personal with his recording equipment. Of course what would this video be without Niall putting his heart out and being shown with his acoustic guitar. As the song picks up and the chorus kicks in, Harry is shown strutting down the hotel hallway being all babe-ish in a suit that we can only imagine is YSL.

The boys have mentioned multiple times now how strong they’ve become as a foursome, and that shows in how confident they are in this video. ‘Perfect’ showcases a new side to One Direction, more personal, more mature, more them.

The video also shows One Direction backstage with their bodyguards, kicking around a football, getting tattoos, trashing hotel rooms, just doing “lad stuff”. The song finishes strong with all four guys together singing atop the New York city skyline.

Perfect‘ is available on iTunes now, and the album, ‘Made In The AM‘, is released November 13th.