Zac Farro Re-Join’s Paramore

Christmas 2010 was a sad one among Paramore fan’s, when Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor announced that the Farro brothers had decided to leave the band. Although we all may have worried about what was next for Paramore after their departure, they actually then went on to secure their first number one album with their self-titled release in 2013.

After this success, bassist Jeremy Davis then announced his departure from the band, and before we know it Hayley Williams is left looking very lonely alongside last-man-standing Taylor York.

Yesterday, however, after much speculation with Zac Farro appearing in recent photos alongside Hayley and Taylor, Paramore confirmed that the drummer is back in the band with one single image.


‘I’m Back – can currently be found plastered over all of Paramore’s social media, with a photo of a young Zac Farro. You can even grab a t-shirt of the image, but that’s pretty much all the band have given us as it stands.

With rumors of an album due to be released this month, it’s worth getting your orange hair dye on and keeping an eye on Paramore’s social media, ready for what we can only assume will be an explosive comeback.

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